FREE Video Training: Planning with Poindexter
If you want to grow your business the smart way...
Let me show you how you can quickly create a plan for your online business and eliminate financial surprises, without working with boring spreadsheets.
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Learn the smarter way to propel your business forward...
In this free video training, you'll discover these helpful tips to planning your business:
  •  TIP #1: Learn the one simple test to help you know before you launch if your pricing model has a chance of getting your business to profitability.

  •  TIP #2: Learn how you can plan precisely when you should hire your first employee and take on other large expenses as you grow your new business.

  •  TIP #3: How to know if you can bootstrap your business, or if it will need outside funding (and exactly how much you may need to raise).

  •  TIP #4: Learn how you can forecast affiliate partnerships and how they will impact your business growth and profitability.

     TIP #5: See how easy it is to get the critical business documents that your partners, potential investors, and bankers require you to have, all without using boring spreadsheets or paying thousands to an accountant.

I'll show you how I used this cool, new software called Poindexter to quickly create a plan for growing my online business (and you can, too!), all without getting lost in a sea of boring Excel spreadsheets and formulas.
Learn to Use Poindexter
You'll learn how to quickly create your plan using Poindexter, a new tool everyone is talking about that makes business plans quick and easy to understand.
Perfect for Growing Your Business
Poindexter grows with you to help you forecast upcoming financial expenses.
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Ken Wallace, Founder of MastermindJam
Ken Wallace is a veteran senior executive at a Chicago-area software consultancy. Ken has been helping organizations of all types and sizes succeed online since 1997. Ken founded MastermindJam in 2015 to help online entrepreneurs get matched into peer-driven mastermind groups.
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